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Colors are an important communication resource, a powerful tool through which we can convey messages, attract attention and generate emotions. It is undeniable that colors fascinate, seduce and motivate us. Seeing them generates a signal that quickly passes through the optic nerve and becomes an emotional, social and spiritual phenomenon that connects with many layers of living meanings.

At a corporate level, color can be used as a sign of institutional identification. Choosing the color or colors of the corporate identity is what associates companies with a certain message, awakening certain values and transmitting a well-differentiated image.

Our Travel Agency (ECOTUR S.A.) is identified by orange, symbol of enthusiasm and exaltation, a tone that has, among its qualities, a stimulating and energetic power. Forest green, the personalization of nature, renewal and energy, a rich, strong shade capable of making an impact on people. White is considered the color of purity and perfection. It inspires cleanliness, innocence, reflection, creativity, openness, growth, impartiality and peace.

This is how ECOTUR S.A. defines itself and in this way our identifying colors provide strong visual statements that allow us to communicate each of the above elements to all our audiences.

An unforgettable experience in nature.